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Dropdown Menu

In this tutorial, we learn how to create Dropdown Menu with Submenu only HTML & CSS?

I know very well you will aware about Dropdown menu, you have seen lots of example on multiple websites, In the case, if you don’t know what is dropdown menu so I will tell you, it is a list of links or items which will appear whenever the button is clicked or hovered on. therefore, you noticed that every website used navigation bar because this is the best way to organize by category wise list or item.

today in this post you will create a simple dropdown menu with submenu using only HTML & CSS. I think this post is very usefully because when you work on the website you need to create the dropdown menubar, according to your need you can use given below code and modified the code segment then you can use in your website. I hope you will be learning and understand them better after seeing the code segment.

therefore, you are a beginner in web development and web design, them learn and understand code for dropdown menu, I am sure you will definitely able to create a pure CSS menu.

The explanation for CSS Dropdown Menu With Submenu Source Code Segment

as a result, before sharing the code segment for the dropdown menu with submenu let’s discuss it. firstly, i have created HTML list or item with <ul> and <li> for creating menu, so, these HTML list <ul> & <li> used multiple times to create submenus. I hope you will be aware of the ul (un-order list) and li (list). Therefore for creating icons which are after every dropdown list, for these purposes I have used Unicode icons if you don’t know Unicode icons see the list. therefore, In this dropdown menu all works are done by CSS hover property. I will do first of all place all list in their position using position: property. as a result, I just hide all the dropdown listing and submenus. they all will visible on the mouse hover event.

I think all step and process explained here, there is nothing to remain, I hope you will understand better after getting the codes for creating a dropdown menu with sub-menu. here you will be required to creating two files one for HTML file name as index.html and another file for CSS as name stylesheet.css. one thing more here you can change the file name as according to you.

Step: I Create HTML File name as “index.html”

Step: II Create CSS file name as “stylesheet.css”

As a result, follow the code segment to create CSS  navigation. you will be created successfully CSS Dropdown Menu with Submenu.if you have to face any trouble then comment me down below. I will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. thanks for viewing these post.