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CSS Modal Box
In this tutorial, we learn about How we can create a dialog or model box with Overlay using HTML CSS and JS?

I hope you will be aware of Dialog or model box, you have seen many types of modal or

dialog boxes in many websites, such as signup dialog box, Email Subscription dialog box,

data picker, alert to users, etc. these types of boxes are known as model box but some peoples

are also called dialog box.

today, you will be creating CSS dialog box using HTML, CSS, jquery. Therefore, here I used the

jQuery for the button and the model or dialog box will have appeared on the click button.

the function will be handled by jQuery.

furthermore, I am using the basic Signup form in the dialog box, if you want to create the

model or dialog box with overlay see all the code segment. the best thing is that you can change

this code segment according to need, I hope you will enjoy the development procedure of CSS

Dialog Box with Overlay.

also, overlay features, after opening the Dialog box there will a color appears with low opacity

So these features are called or known as an overlay.

How I will create Dialog Box Login-

Before, discuss and share about the code Login Dialog Box, firstly discussed as I told you “Signup form”

with model box, therefore I created Div with the class name "model". inside the box, I will be placed

the three input files such as First Name, Last Name, Email & password Field, a heading & a login button.

I will add the code segment on the main div which is called a “model” after the class name

aria-hidden=" true" (get info). Basically, this code segment is for hiding model Box, which will

appear on the event button click using jQuery.

therefore, we need to create a close button inside the model box for closing the element and placed

the closed button on the right top position. for these purpose close button, I will add the

command aria-hidden="true" . As a result after hiding the model box, I created a button to show it.

therefore, using the hyperlink tag I have created the button with the heading "Open Model Box".

after that, we need to add the class name "openmodel" in this button and in the close button on the box,

so, therefore, I will add a class named "closemodel" for the close button on the box.

In the Signup dialog box the jQuery handling the close & open feature of the modal box. I have put

all the styles position, border, etc. in the CSS section external style sheet. when I will create the close

button we need to add close icon than for close icon button I placed an HTML symbol code

× these HTML symbol code creating a cross icon. For creating the overlay features, I have put

the background color with low opacity, this features work when our model box is active or opened.

CSS Dialog Box With Overlay Source Code | HTML, CSS, jQuery

As above all the Discuss, I have already shared all the process, features to create the model dialog box,

When you will see, all hole the concept and rules you will understand better, so there is nothing left to explain.

furthermore, First of all, you have to create three files such as First for HTML file name as "index.html", Second for CSS file name as "styles.css" and the last file which you create for JavaScript or jQuery file name as "functions.js"
Let’s Follow all the code segment.

Step I: Create HTML File name as “index.html”

Step II: Create CSS File name as “stylesheet.css”

Step III: Create JS File name as “function.js”

As a result, which I share the code segment follow you will get the resulting output, the best thing,

you can the code according to your requirements as you need and getting the other result. I hope

you will understand the code segment. if you have any query then comment me on the comment

box with your email ID, I will provide my best to resolve your problem.