CSS Responsive Table using HTML, CSS, JavaScript

CSS Responsive Table
The first thing which comes in mind how you can create the table that fits on every media screen size?
Answer:– A CSS HTML Table creates with the help of HTML & CSS and & JQuery

If I am not wrong that I think you have the basic knowledge of HTML Tables. The table can be used on where places when we need such as backend, frontend, comparing table and pricing table, etc.
when you are learning HTML and CSS, you will be also aware HTML table all command. which are necessary for creating the tables.

In these tutorials, you will learn how to create Responsive Table Design and Attractive table with Great UI which responsive table will fit in all media screens.

The basic table creates with a command like as <table> <td> <th> <tr> but the CSS and JQuery make this Unique Table. By the way, the table has a different layout and function for large, medium and small screens.

Therefore, you will learn in CSS responsive Table with HTML and jQuery.as a result, jQuery used for responsive functionality. this table has a toggle function for a small screen, that’s why I am using jQuery for the table functionalities. otherwise, you know all the elements styles and design are built with CSS.

CSS Responsive Table Source Code and How to Apply table Source Code?

first of all, before sharing the code we will discuss how to used code and table command.

when I create the basic table using <td> <th> <tr> but here I add an extra <th> in

every section with a class name. on the other hand, In extra <th> section I give the class

name such as responsive-toggle, I will look like this class=”responsive-toggle” this

name given because of this extra part is for responsive design or small screen media devices.

Therefore in the case of normal or large media screen devices, I will put display: none;

to this extra <th> part. this part is handling jQuery, turn on the display of this extra part

on the small screen media devices with toggle features. Basically, for the result jQuery

hide the main <th> and show the extra <th> on small screen media devices. as a result,

for creating it responsive I will provide CSS @media query with different media screen

devices conditions.

Therefore, as you see the result, the color fills on the table in even numbers of td. here, for the even numbers of rows using table tr : nth-of-type(even) CSS property. therefore its is a small part of JS because of we are using jQuery.

I hope when you will see the given below code segments you will be understood better how it works, by the way, if you have facing trouble to understand, you can comment your problem in the comment section for creating this responsive Table.

Therefore, for creating a responsive table you have to create three (3) files. First of HTML, Second for CSS, & last for Javascript or jQuery.

Step I: Create an HTML file named ‘index.html

Step 2: Create an external stylesheet and put the code on as name “stylesheet.css”

Step 3: Create a JavaScript file as name “function.js”

CSS Responsive table

Table Responsive Small Screen View

Table Responsive small screen view