CSS Dropdown Option | Custom HTML CSS Select Option

CSS Dropdown Option
In this tutorial, we learn How to Create CSS Dropdown Option using HTML & CSS?

First of all, I hope you will be aware of HTML options on the webpage. if you remember that you have seen many forms when in select options we select the state many states appear those are options. therefore, on multiple websites, you can see many types of select options, which are dependent on CSS & JavaScript. HTML5 has a special tag for creating options easily way.

Therefore, learn and create a custom dropdown select option with HTML & CSS. read and see these post I am sure you can design options as you want. Basically, <option> tag in HTML for creating dropdown options, but here I used radio inputs to creating these options because I want to show you that How we can create the select options without <option> the tag.

furthermore, for the result, I am sharing a custom CSS HTML dropdown select option design. used given below code and design the CSS dropdown option and change the code if you want to style according to your need. as a result, you know these are <input type = "radio"> based option menu. I used the CSS to gives the dropdown option style or design. you can change the style according to your design or styles.

Explanation About Source Code For Custom HTML CSS Dropdown Option

First of all, taking the class="select" and tabindex="1" then inside the div class created a radio input with an ID & a class such as <input class="options-select" name="selectors" type="radio" id="opt1" checked> and then taking the label for ID which is created for the radio button such as for ID opt1, its look like this <label for="opt1" class="option">Information Technology </label> . therefore, the class is to giving styles, ID is for matching the label. as a result, I have created a label for each input. if you see I have used "for" in the label section.

Therefore, I have placed all options text inside the label. as you see the code the first input, I put “checked” for selecting in the starting. if you see in the CSS section, there are some conditions for user interaction such as width, background height, hover, color checked color, etc. the most important thing for creating the triangle arrow on the right side, I have created a CSS content with the right, left & top border. which are created the triangle shape which are the symbols for dropdown selecting options.

therefore, there is a lot of points which I can not describe here in writing, but I am sure when you getting the code and analyze the code, you will understand automatically. In CSS dropdown option for creating the program, you have to create only two files, such as the first file for HTML and Second file for CSS.

Step I:- Create HTML file name as “index.html”

Step II:- Create CSS file name as “stylesheet.css”

As a result, please follow all step for creating successfully Custom GTML CSS Dropdown Option. if you facing any trouble or have any question comment down below. I will try to resolve your problem.