CSS Cursor Pointers | HTML CSS Cursor Icon Types

CSS Cursor Pointers
In this tutorial, we learn about How we can change the mouse cursor point using HTML and CSS?

the first thing here is that mouse cursor, I am sure that you will be aware of the mouse cursor if somebody doesn’t know let’s me tell you when we move the mouse then an arrow starts moving these arrow starts moving know as mouse cursors. if you notice that we can see many types of the cursor when we do lots of different event such as processing cursor, loading cursor, buffering cursor, etc.

the main motive this tutorial you will learn how to put the custom cursor pointer in webpages with the using CSS because of CSS has a special property which knows as cursor so, we can customize mouse cursor icon with the using of CSS. therefore have so many cursor’s pointers which you can apply with this CSS property. if you think these cursor pointers are not easy to apply, I will tell to you how to apply pointer’s icon because it is very easy to apply. you just need to put a single line only of CSS code for each.

Therefore, which I am sharing the code segment below for the purpose of CSS Custom Cursor Pointer example, you will see that Cursor Icon Change with HTML and CSS code segment.

Explanation about CSS Cursor Pointer Source Code

here we discuss source code which I am sharing below for the purpose of CSS Custom Cursor Pointers, therefore, I have created the hyperlinks using <a>   the tag created them as buttons. after that, I have created a span for text inside the hyperlink tag. the most important thing I have used only inline CSS for the cursor styles such as. one more thing here which I have also put inside the span the cursor’s style name for the purpose of easily identify.

In the same formate which I discuss above, I have put all the pointer icons style when you hover on the buttons after that you will get the result. I have used a google font for the purpose of texts which are available inside the buttons. also, these google fonts are used in the CSS file.

therefore, finally, you have to create the file such as the first file for HTML and second file for the CSS code segment.

Step: I Create HTML fileName as “index.html” and put the code inside the file

Step: II Create CSS file name as “stylesheet.css” and Put the code in the CSS file

As a result, follow the code segment to create CSS Custom Cursor pointers. you will be created

successfully HTML CSS Cursor Icon program. you will be created successfully if you have

to face any trouble then comment me down below. I will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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