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custom css scrollbar
In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize the browser’s scroll bar on a webpage?

therefore, Before discussion about customizing CSS scroll bar on a webpage, the first thing which comes on mind that I am sure you will aware of what is scrollbar. if you don’t know let’s tell me you. A Horizontal or vertical bar commonly located on the far bottom side or right side of a window which allow moving the viewport area down, up, right or left. if you notice that on the multiple websites when post long Paragraph on the website then visitor or user scrolls down to read the full post. suppose that if we made the stylish scrollbar on our website then our visitor or user interaction could be better.

Today you will see the customize the scrollbar using CSS, in these post, you will learn how can easily modify scrollbar on website. we need to put three CSS command to modify the scrollbar style’s after that you placed the customize the scrollbar code segment on your website easily for an attractive & looking good user interface (UI)

Therefore, after seeing this post I am sure you will to able create a custom scrollbar for your website, change the code segment according to your styles, then copy and paste the code on your website after that you will see the result custom CSS scrollbar. you can understand the code segment a beginner also can get this easily. the most important thing in custom CSS Scrollbar is three commands to learn for creating this. I hope you will do the better effort for custom CSS scrollbar looking as stylish.

Explanation of Custom CSS Scrollbar Source Code

First of all, let’s discuss the code before sharing, I have created body div height 2500px with 100% width, because for creating a scroll from top to bottom. this effect you will see and run on the web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, safari. The most important thing in the custom CSS scrollbar, the CSS property::-WebKit-scrollbar to customize the scrollbar (see info). I have put CSS property ::-WebKit-scrollbar width 25px.

therefore, we have another two CSS properties which I have used for custom CSS scrollbar, these properties are ::-WebKit-scrollbar-track and ::-WebKit-scrollbar-thumb. here, the WebKit-scrollbar-track for the whole bar section, you can also call this as scrollbar background and another property WebKit-scrollbar-thumb is for the element which moves on the scroll, the element can drag top to bottom or bottom to top.

I will put the styles in these two elements in CSS. you can see the codes what styles I have placed then you will understand better. furthermore, to create a custom CSS scrollbar program you have to create two files. one for HTML file as name “index.html” and another file for CSS as name “stylesheet.css”. here you can change the file name as per according to you.

Step: I Create the HTML file as name “index.HTML” and Put the code in the file

Step: II Create CSS file as per name “stylesheet.css” and the CSS code in the stylesheet

As a result, follow the code segment to create Custom CSS Scrollbar. you will be created successfully Custom CSS Scrollbar.if you have to face any trouble then comment me down below. I will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. thanks for viewing these post.