CSS Pagination Design | UI Design with HTML and CSS

CSS Pagination Design

In this blog, we learn how to create attractive pagination design with HTML and CSS?

I hope you will know what is pagination? mostly, people who surf the internet, they will see the different pagination design on multiple websites. if you don’t know pagination, don’t worry, let’s me explain.

The pagination is the process of splitting the content of a website in parts. for example, let’s suppose that you have 50 blog articles pagination will be divided into 5 parts, then in one part or in one page 10 article will be visible. this design tody’s you will learn, how to create pagination design.

therefore, the whole pagination element designed by the circle. for design circle element used CSS property border-radius, as you know this is called only UI design.

you can implement the UI design according to your requirement. This is only one design which I am sharing, you can implement multiple designs with HTML and CSS. these pagination designs are also known as pagination bar.

I have used HTML and CSS to create basic pagination design after all these designs have an attractive UI because for creating pagination design I have used border-radius, colors, border, and shadow combination. you can use pure CSS for UI design and makes attractive pagination design for your project.

Explanation of source code for Pagination Design with HTML and CSS

let’s discuss code segment which I have used for pagination design, I have used HTML list attribute <ul> and <li> for creating the design. I have taken the class named pagination_Bar for design it and put this class in the <ul> tag (info).

Therefore, the hole tag looks like this <ul class="pagination_Bar">. for pagination_bar taken the pure CSS for design such as width, box-shadow, left and right margin, position, padding, etc.

furthermore, In the between every tag <li> and </li> I have added hyperlink <a> tag. because here the link tag will work to redirect to your next or previous page.

suppose that in the case it’s not working you have to put the program inside it. means that you can put inside the first and last li, for creating the previous and next icons I have used Unicode codes.

In CSS Section

the hole page background-color #fbfdfd; and put a custom font using google fonts, then create a class named “pagination_Bar”.

which I have placed in the <ul> tag, for this pagination_Bar class, gave width, absolute position, border-radius, shadow, margin to center, etc.

also, I have placed too many CSS properties for design li, li: hover, li: active, and gave like fonts, colors, text-align, background-color, border-radius, etc.

As you can view and check in the above banner image. for active page number, I have used class="active". in this class, I have changed the background color and font color, therefore for hover function placed the same values.

That is the whole process which I have used to create a pagination bar, I hope you will be understood better after getting the code segment because it is very easy to make these program. you have to create only two (2) files, first file for HTML and second file for the CSS. please see the code segment as given below.

Step First: Create HTML File as named “index.html” | change file name as you want

second Step: Create CSS file as named “stylesheet.css” | change file name as you want

Therefore, see the code segment to create the Pagination Design. you will be created successfully.
you have to face any trouble then comment me down below. I will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. thanks for viewing these post.