Background Image Opacity | with Color Overlay

In this tutorial, we learn How to make Background Image Opacity and Color Overlay?

Most Designer used for Templates Design, High-Quality full-screen width Images. some are more artistic, to make more attractive background images then they used a mixture of opacity to give the images more attractive design.

Suppose that, if you want to make a stunning CSS Responsive background Image using transparency and color without overlaying elements or affecting the text.

Therefore, you can create these effect with two method-

1- create these effect with Photoshop Skill
2- You have needed the knowledge of HTML and CSS for creating background Image opacity with color overlay.

Therefore, the default initial value for opacity will be 1 means 100% opaque.

when we apply background opacity property of CSS for an HTML element, then what happened.

it will only not change the opacity of the image in the background. it also changes the opacity in its child elements.

here I will discuss how to handle these properties effectively.

Transparent Image

The opacity property value will be from 0.0 – 1.0. for more transparent choose a lower value.

Background Image Opacity

First Image Opacity: 1 (default)

Background Image Opacity

Second Image Opacity: 0.6

Background Image Opacity

Third Image Opacity: 0.2

As a result, there are three images, first images opacity default such as 1.0, second image opacity is 0.6, and third images opacity is 0.2.

here you will be noticed that opacity property minimum value has an image more transparent.

Transparent Image Hover Effect


Therefore, when you hover on the image the opacity of the image will be 1.0, means that image opacity (get) on hover will be the default.

When you take away the mouse pointer from the image section, the image will be transparent again.

Transparent Box used CSS opacity Property

The Opacity: 0.8

Opacity value: 0.4

minimum Opacity: 0.2

therefore, taken three boxes with opacity effect as you see inside the boxes opacity value, but one thing you will notice that the background element all of its child elements inherit the same transparency. so, you may be faced problem to read fully transparent element.