How to Create Circular Progress Bar Using jQuery and CSS?

Circular Progress Bar

In this tutorial, we learn How to Create Circular Progress Bar with HTML, CSS, and JQuery?
The circular progress bar is also known as Radial Progress Bar. I hope you will be aware of the progress bar, you have seen a progress bar on multiple websites and different style progress bar.

Therefore, If you think, if you don’t know about progress bar, don’t worry, I will be explained, Basically, it’s graphical elements that show the progression of the operation.

Previously, I have shared a normal progress bar with Multistep form with single input shows 20% progress bar completed on a single input. but here in circular progress bar will fill 0 to selected percent.

Therefore, today’s this blog guide you and help to learn to create a circular or radial progress bar.
I hope you will be using this program in many places like data analysis, and skill levels in different field as according to your need.

Here I have used for showing services users such as for WordPress users which are 94%, for Excel users which are 73%, and PayPal users which are 59%. I have used also a refresh button for refreshing the user’s data. you can refresh the and see again.

For creating these program I have used HTML, CSS, and JQuery. therefore jQuery-based library which is specially made for creating circular progress bars. these libraries are very easy to create progress bars.

for creating the layoud I have used Bootstrap because of creating responsive elements for every media screen devices. Bootstrap frameworks are easy to use for a better and looking good layout.

Explanation of source code for Circular Progress Bar

Here I will discuss the source code, which I have used the code segments, let’s talk about it. as above I have told you, I will use a special library which is circle-progress.min.js (get) and for creating the layout style I used bootstrap grid.

therefore for creating the program, all circle’s data like value and size is handled by the HTML data-* command. I have you will be aware of Data command. here, the data-* attribute gives us the ability to embed custom data attributes on all HTML elements.

therefore, In HTML section for providing the data value for three circle, I used data-value=”0.95″, data-value=”0.73″, and data-value=”0.59″.

As a result, the circle size used data-size=”320″. here, according to your need, you can change the values, circle’s size by the changing these data’s values.

furthermore, data controlling the thickness for progress. if you see in the HTML section I used data-thickness=”8″.

these value, you can increase or decrease according to stroke size by changing the value. It very easy to understand and you can implement according to your need.

CSS Section

In the CSS section, font, font-family, color values, position everything will be managed with CSS. all the CSS code segment you can understand easily way. Also, JS file has a very short code because I have used a library as discussed above.

Therefore, this library has prebuilt functions, we have to need to put them on our code. if you are a developer, then you can understand easily JavaScript.

I hope you will enjoy this program after getting the code segment, then you will be understood easily how this works. For Making this program you have to create three (3) files, the First file for HTML, Second file for CSS, and hird file for JS. See the carefully all the code segment. you can rename the file according to you.

Step First: Create HTML file as name “index.html” and put the code

Second Step: Create CSS file as name “stylesheet.css” and put the CSS code

Third Step: Create JS file as name “function.js” and put the JS code

Therefore, see the code segment to create the Circular Progress Bar. you will be created successfully. you have to face any trouble then comment me down below. I will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. thanks for viewing these post.