CSS Stylish Breadcrumb Design | Used Pure CSS

CSS Stylish Breadcrumb Design

In this tutorial, we learn how we can create CSS Stylish Breadcrumb Design?
Here, we create CSS stylish Breadcrumb Design with the help of HTML and CSS, we can it also stylish Breadcrumb navigation UI Design.

I hope you will be aware what is breadcrumb, if you know, don’t worry, let’s see, Basically, Breadcrumb is a Secondary navigation which shows your current web page’s location on the web application or the entire website. you will see on any website, web app, if you don’t see, then you can see in this post’s topside a breadcrumb to show that where you landed on my blog. which look like this PHP > SQL > CSS > PPM > BLOG

today you will learn to create an animated CSS stylish Breadcrumb Design (UI Design) using CSS. if you are using CMS framework like WordPress, then by default a basic design comes with your theme, you can design or modify those using this code.

therefore, first of all, just you have to understand the code segment that how you can implement. you can also use these code on other kinds of websites such as server-side scripts or dynamic with PHP, with Bootstrap Based static web pages or websites.

I hope you will be definitely like these program, I am sharing the code below, view and understand the code segment and use it in the future web project. This is designed with pure CSS that you can understand easily. therefore, the body structure design is based on HTML list <ul> & <li> . I hope you will know about ul and li and how to use it.

See the CSS Stylish Breadcrumb Design Output Preview

Explanation of source Code for CSS Stylish Breadcrumb Design | Based on CSS

Here, we discussed the code segment before sharing, let’s talk about this. for creating the structure design I have used HTML list tag, which are <ul> and <li>. you can see the CSS Stylish Breadcrumb Design preview in Video, I have used ul and li for the specific icon for every section, for placing those icons I have also used Font-Awesome (info) Library. therefore, this has a hover effect as you can see in the preview, which is based on CSS :hover property.

I have used the CSS property display :inline-block for placing icons with alignment. In the hover effect, I have hidden all the text when you hover on any elements which will be expending and shows the text, as you have seen in the preview. For the home section, I have used :last-child the property for selected the section alone. I have placed these in descending order. therefore in the structure, the first element placed on last in HTML file.

furthermore, left all other things, you can understand better after getting the code. All code segment is very easy to understand. I hope you will be understood the program and use it in future for attractive breadcrumb design.

For Creating the design we need to create two files such as the first file for HTML names as “index.html” and Second file for CSS name as “stylesheet.css” and you can change the file name according to you.

Step First: Create HTML file name as index.html and put the HTML code

Second Step: Create CSS file name as “stylesheet.css”

Therefore, see the code segment to create the CSS Stylish Breadcrumb Design. you will be created successfully. you have to face any trouble then comment me down below. I will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. thanks for viewing these post.