Left Sidebar Menu Using Flex | Side out Navigation Menu Without JS

Left Sidebar Menu
In this tutorial, we learn how to create left Sidebar Menu Using Flex pure CSS?
CSS left sideBar Menu without using JavaScript, mostly people are used left sidebar nav in the website. I hope you will saw on many websites left sidebar Menu.

therefore, in the last tutorial I have shared dropdown Menubar, you can use both navbars in your website but nowadays most people used Left Sidebar Menu because of its look very attractive and amazing.

furthermore, one word I have used which sides out Navigation menu, I hope you will know the meaning of this word. if you don’t know, let’s explain to me which reveals from the left or right side.

therefore, you will understand this blog how to create Left Sidebar menu using Flex and without using JavaScript. you will see on the page menu icon, heading, paragraph, and image. when you click on the menu icon you will see side navbar will appear from the left.

when the left menu will appear, then the other content and image will be slide and its shifts from the left side. and also you will see the close icon on above of the page. after that, when you click on the close icon the left sidebar menu will be hidden and content and image will be the shift from right to left.

In this program to create Left Sidebar Menu with Flexbox I have used advanced CSS method, I hope you will enjoy this program. you will be understood better you get the source code. you can use this program on your website, after a few changes. you can design left sidebar menu according to your need. you can make better.

Explanation of Source Code for Left Sidebar Menu Using Flex

therefore, you will see the source code, I hope can understand the code, but let’s discuss it, to create this program first I have created a div with the class name “containerbody” and put the elements inside this class.

the second step, to create the menu and close icon, I have created a checkbox input first, there have two icons so I will create two labels. here I have used HTML Data-* attribute for storing custom data.

therefore, for storing the data for input and label I have used:-

therefore, after that for heading and paragraph, I have created another div. to create the left side menubar used class “leftsidebar” inside the left-sidebar class used nav class “menubar” Inside the menubar class I have used HTML list type <li> tag, placed the list inside a div.

In the stylesheet, I have put some condition when checkbox will check the sidebar move left to right 276px; and other content slide 276px to the right side. Display: none value used for icon change to the cross icon. when you click on the close icon then the close icon will hide and menu icon will show. for selected the icons using CSS as given below.

I think you can understand the whole concept easily, for creating this program you have to create two files first file for HTML and second file for CSS.

First Step: Create HTML file name as “index.html” | Change file Name as you want

Second Step: Create CSS file name as “stylesheet.css” | Change file name as you want

Therefore, see the code segment to create the Left Sidebar Menu Using Flex. you will be created successfully.
you have to face any trouble then comment me down below. I will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. thanks for viewing these post.