How to create a program and program development cycle?

We can be creating Any program with the help of two things algorithm and data structures. To develop any program we should first select a proper data structure and then we should develop an algorithm for implementing the given problem with the help of a data structure which we have chosen.

In computer science developing a program is an act or a skill. And we can have mastery of the program development process only when we follow a certain method. Before actual implementation of the program, designing a program is a very important step.
Here we are presenting a technique for the development of the program. So that of this technique called the program development cycle.
which included several steps as shown below:
1) Feasibility study
2) Requirement analysis and problem specification
3) Design
4) Coding
5) Debugging
6) Testing
7) Maintenance
Let us discuss each step one by one:

Feasibility study:

In the feasibility study, the problem is analyzed to decide whether it is feasible to develop some problem for the given problem statement. It found that it is really very much essential to develop some computer program for a given program then only the further steps will be carried out.

Requirement Analysis and problem Specification

In this step, the programmer has to find out the essential requirement for solving the given problem. For that, the programmer has to communicate with the user of this software. The programmer then has to decide what the inputs needs for his programs are. In which form the inputs are to be given the order of the inputs, what kind of output should be generated. therefore, Thus the total requirement for the program has to be analyzed. It is also essential to analyze what could be the possible errors in the program. Thus after deciding the total requirements for solving the problem, one can make the problem statement specific.


Once the requirement analysis is done the design can be prepared using the problem specification document. another, In this phase of developments, some layout for developing a program has to be decided. In this step, the algorithm has to be designed for some most suitable data structure. Then the appropriate programming language has to be developed to implement the given algorithm. therefore, The design of algorithm and selection of data structures are the row key issues in this phase.


When the design of the program is ready then coding become a simpler job. suppose that If we have decided the language of implementation then we can start writing the code simply by breaking the problem into small modules. finally, the functions for these modules and interface these functionalities in some desired then the desired code gets ready.


In this phase, we compile the code and check whether any errors are there. If any error is there when we try to eliminate the errors.
as a result, here in The debugging needs a complete scan of the program Testing
In the testing phase, a certain set of data is given to the program as input the program should the desired results as output. Here, The output should vary according to the input of the program. For the wrong input, the program should terminate or it should display some error message. It should not be in a continuous loop.


Once the code is ready it is tested properly, then afterward if the user requires some modification in the code then those modifications should be easily carried out suppose that if the programmer has to rewrite the code(in programming file) then it is because of poor design of the program. The modularity in the code programmed has to be maintained.


We can say that the documentation is not a separate step in the program development process but it is required at every step. Here, the Documentation means the main purpose of providing help or some manual which will help the user to make use of the code in the proper direction. hence, It is a good practice to mankind some kind of documents for every phase of the compilation process.