Explain the algorithm characteristics in data structure

algorithm characteristics:

In algorithm characteristics, Each algorithm is supplied with zero or more external quantities. Here supplying external quantities means giving input to the algorithm.

Each algorithm must produce at least one quantity. Production of at least one quantity means there should be some output.

Every algorithm should have definiteness i.e. each instruction must be clear and unambiguous

Each algorithm should have finiteness i.e. if we trace out the instruction of an algorithm then for all cases the algorithm will terminate after the finite number of steps

in every algorithm should have effectiveness, for example, every instruction must be sufficiently basic that it can in principle be carried out by a person using only a paper and pencil. Moreover, each instruction of an algorithm must also be feasible.

This algorithm is step by step execution for solving a specific problem. Thus an algorithm lists out the actions to be performed. If also decides the order in which those actions are to be performed.