Background Repeat

Background-repeat properties basically used in CSS to repeat the images in Horizontal and vertical Direction.

as we say that background images repeated in X-axis and Y-axis direction.

images repeat properties is used to cover the whole background area, which covered the in the horizontal and vertical direction.

let’s discuss all possible values for Background-repeat property:

repeat: this value is used as a default value, means that this value work (for images) in both direction (x-axis and y-axis)

repeat-x: the image repeat in horizontal (x-direction) direction only.
repeat-y: the image repeat in vertical (y-direction) direction only.
no-repeat: no-repeat value is used for images does not repeat in both direction.
round: when used round value the image in both directions, the best is that in round value, Never crop the image unless is too large to fit.
here, one thing is that If multiple images can fit with leftover space, squish them or stretch them to fill the space.
If it’s less than half one image width left, stretch if it’s the more, stretch.
space: The image in both directions. unless never crop images, a single image is too large to fit
on thing more If multiple images can fit, space them out evenly images always touching the edges.