Background Color Properties in web development

In Web development Background- Color is used to set or decorate the blocked or container, section, area.
which element displayed in that area, properties can be applied to almost any element which is displayed in the area.

properties used in three ways-

Hexadecimal color
Color Name
RGB Color Value
Let’s see the example- How to use properties

furthermore, As you see in the above example we can write color properties value in Hexadecimal, color name, and RGB color value.

we can choose a different color to decorate the paragraph and heading.

consequently, As defined in web Development the background-color property always sets the background color of an element.

the background properties of an element are applied to the total size of the element, padding including and border (but not the margin).
Note:  therefore, if you want to Use a text-color that makes the text easy to read.
Default value: transparent.


Background-color Output

furthermore, Background-color decorates the web pages, highlight the background area, with using other CSS properties like as colorpaddingmargin value gives in Hexadecimal color, color name, RGB color value.

web developer and web designer probably most use the hexadecimal values otherwise use the RGB color values.

hence, you can Set the opacity using RGB code only to background color, not on the text in CSS.

therefore, set the opacity only to the background and you can not set the opacity for inside the text.

furthermore, It can be set only by using the RGBA color values such as RGB(50, 115, 220, 0.3) instead of the opacity property because using the opacity property can make the text inside it fully transparent element.

Therefore, color uses to decorates the webpages and these color values in three categories.

if you want to set the opacity then color values will be in RGB values. almost, the opacity of background color used most in the web pages to highlight the area which is a visible light color.