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SiteGround Affiliate
The SiteGround Affiliate: It provides the best web hosting in Comparision to other companies with excellent customer support. It also provides an extremely really good Hosting affiliate program too. I actually have created occasional commissions with them. In this affiliate Hosting Program, I will cover what it is about and recommend a method and suggest a technique to earn commissions.

SiteGround Affiliate Program Details

SiteGround web hosting services is one of the best in the industry with its extensive web hosting packages, scaling technology, and top-notch customer support. With SiteGround web hosting new users can begin hosting their sites, blogs, and online projects for as very little as $4.99/mo. you can upgrade to cloud hosting ($80/mo.) and/or enterprise solutions. They are one of the best and most popular web hosting companies I have ever used. Their client support is some of the best I’ve come across with any web host.

The only drawback (as per only my opinion) is that your renewal fee more than doubles compared to the new customer sale price. Also, they do not have a monthly choice to pay. Besides that, I never had a problem with downtime or website loading speed.

Commission Structure:

  • 1 to 5 sales/month = $50/sale
  • 6 to 10 sales/month = $75/sale
  • 11 to 20 sales/month = $100/sale
  • Above 21+ sales/month Custom Commissions

Cookie Length: 60 days

How the SiteGround Affiliate Program Works

The SiteGround affiliate hosting program is the most popular program and one of the better web hosting affiliate programs I’ve come across. Mostly all web hosting companies offer web hosting affiliate programs that give one set commission to sell their hosting no matter how many sales you make.

SiteGround will increase their commissions as you generate more sales. Let’s see the SiteGround affiliate program commission structure:

  • 1 to 5 sales/mo = $50 per sale
  • 6 to 20 sales/mo = $75 per sale
  • 11 to 20 sales/mo = $100 per sale
  • Above 21+ sales/mo = custom commissions

Tools for Affiliates

SiteGround Hosting company also offers plenty of tools and more features for its affiliates. These include:

  • In-house tracking system
  • screenshot and Banners images
  • Affiliate managers
  • Custom landing page for actively referring affiliates
  • One month complimentary free hosting
  • Campaign tools

Commission Payments

Another most important thing related to the SiteGround affiliate hosting program is that the payout will get on a weekly basis without minimum payment thresholds.

They do have a thirty-days (30days) withhold period to cover any refunds. all Payments are transferred via PayPal.

How to join SiteGround Affiliate if you are not a SiteGround customer?

To sign up or Join the Affiliate Program you have to go to the Affiliates Program page that is accessible from the main menu of the SiteGround website. after that you need to click on Join Now to get to the SiteGround affiliate registration form. You will fill carefully your Contact information, Payout information, and other Affiliate Profile Information that will help us assist you better after the sign-up.

How to join SiteGround Affiliate if you are a SiteGround customer?

If you are already a SiteGround customer, then you don’t need to the signup form. you have the option to use the SiteGround Affiliate registration form available in your Client Area. By using it, your new Affiliate account will be connected with your Client Area and you’ll be ready to use similar credentials to access each.

After you log in to your account, attend Referrals > Become Affiliate > Join Now

Why SiteGround is Worth Promoting

SiteGround is one of 3 hosting firms, recommended by WordPress. They have a stellar reputation and excellent client support. I’ve also recommended many web host providers in the past such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, and more. I’ve had the most conversions with SiteGround and Bluehost.
Their affiliate program has nice commissions, weekly payouts, and no minimum threshold. If you target the proper audience, you’ll have nice conversions once noting all of the advantages of exploiting their service.

SiteGround Affiliate Program Offers and Promotions Reviewed

The affiliate program is not available, for the Indian country and it is available for Foreign country customers. for foreign customers can join the affiliate program through their affiliate page by providing the basic contact and business details.

The SiteGround company provides an open web hosting partnership should be one of several added to your line-up.
Why? Speed and service.
Hosting Features- SiteGround
SiteGround Hosting Company has, year after year, provided to be one of the fastest speed web hosts in the market. Therefore, The Web hosts Speed matters when it comes to user experience and SEO (search engine optimization). Promoting their services offers your affiliate sign-ups those side advantages from the start.
We’d recommend or refers the usual for converting SiteGround referral:

  • Lists
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews

Promote great pricing, storage, and choices and you’ll don’t have any drawback earning those $50 initial sales. furthermore, then, scaling up to the higher $100+ earnings.
Thus, Should you become a SiteGround affiliate? Absolutely!

Why I Stopped Promoting SiteGround Hosting Affiliate Program

I’ve been in a Siteground affiliate program for one and a half years now. I’ve promoted their shared and WordPress managed hosting services. But recently, on November 5, 2020, I received an email from Siteground’s affiliate team. they informed by mail Siteground is suspending affiliate operation in India, New Zealand, likely others. and low-performing regions like it.

It says: the Affiliate program for your India region and we will permanently suspend your SiteGround affiliate account on November 5, 2020. The Siteground promoting affiliate program has finally closed for Indians. so it is not worth promoting because You can not register as an affiliate with an Indian address.

Consider Bluehost’s Affiliate Program Instead

If your audience is beginners, then Bluehost’s affiliate program may be an excellent option.

Most customers creating “how to begin a blog” tutorials refer people to Bluehost and that they have similar commissions as SiteGround ($65/sale to begin, however regarding $150/sale once you increase sales volume).
Consider Bluehost’s Affiliate Program
I usually don’t recommend Bluehost since they’re not quick and my blog is regarding speed. however, they’re low cost and do the work. And like I same, the hosting company you promote depends upon your audience’s or visitor’s wants (pricing, user-friendliness, speed, etc).
BlueHost provides WordPress, Shared, VPS, Dedicated Hosting for customers at a reasonable price.

Consider Cloudways Affiliate Program Instead

Furthermore, If your visitors or audience is more experienced and wants better hosting, such as faster Web hosting and more facilities than SiteGround, then I’m personally focusing and recommended Cloudways affiliate program.

I was hesitant to modify as a result of I used to be doing all right with SiteGround. But when I collected my social media evidence as I did with SiteGround, I was very happy with the results.
Cloudways affiliate program
Furthermore, after suspended the Siteground affiliate in India. I will be promoted and recommended the Cloudways affiliate program for a better experience and more facilities.

SiteGround Is Banning Affiliates From Certain Countries

SiteGround informed their affiliate partners from India that they have decided to discontinue the Affiliate program for the Indian region, and they will permanently suspend Indian affiliate accounts on November 5, 2020.
There are some other countries where SiteGround affiliates closed such as-

India Indonesia Afghanistan Albania Algeria
Bangladesh Cambodia Vietnam Yemen United Arab Emirates
Ukraine Uganda Tuvalu Sri Lanka South Africa
Russia Qatar Philippines Pakistan Norway
New Zealand Korea South Jordan Japan Egypt


The SiteGround is the most popular program and one of the better web hosting programs. if you want to join SiteGRound as an affiliate marketing then It is useless to promote in India that the SiteGround affiliate has been closed on 5th November 2020.

If your audience is beginners, then Bluehost’s affiliate program may be an excellent option, then you can join Bluehost’s affilaite program. Furthermore, otherwise if your visitors or audience is more experienced and wants better hosting, such as faster Web hosting and more facilities than SiteGround, then I’m personally focusing and recommended Cloudways affiliate program, you can also signup the Cloudways affiliate program.