Best Website to Write Correct English You Should Know

Write Correct English

Why You Should Write Correct English on Your Blog

To Improve Readability

Write Correct English the Readability score should be good, because if the readability of your blog will be good and easy to read, the simplest way of the present then its increase your Visitor, I will suggest you, focus on your blog when you writing such as Transition word, Humming Word, etc.

To Write Error-Free Content

Always remember that when you are writing a Blog or English, the word and sentence will be Error Fee means that no error of English Spelling its drop Bad effect on your blog. the visitor will come on your Blog its stay for a Long Time, so when you write the blog its must be Error Free.

Improve SEO

therefore, SEO plays the Most important Factor in the blog or Website Because if your blog or website SEO will be good, your blog, website increase in the top in google search ranking. the effect of the SEO show when visitor come and search about your related topics then your blog or website will come on the first in google search Ranking, your popularity of blog will be good as compared to another blog or Website,

Increase Google Ranking

So, Google ranking its present your blog when visitor comes and search about the topic which he want to search if in your blog have Readability score good, Error-free content, SEO is good then your blog ranking on Google will be good,the Popularity of your blog will be better as compared to another blog, google search ranking also played the most important role to increase your website or blog traffic.

1. Grammarly

Write Correct English with Grammarly

The Grammarly Features

  • Grammarly Editor
  • Grammar rule explanations
  • Missing articles
  • Misspelled words
  • Multiple device document access
  • Personal dictionary
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Word definitions and suggestions
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Repetitive words
  • Outdated spelling
  • Performance stats
  • Native desktop apps (Windows and macOS)

“Grammarly tool gives you English Writing confidence to help you succeed.”

Finally, If you want to Improve your Vocabulary and Writing Skills, Grammarly is the Best Online Resources Platform.

it works on Firefox, Chrome and Safari Search Engine, the best choice for an online Grammer, Spelling Checker, it is very easy to use on different web apps and Microsoft word.

The application is not intrusive, and it appears in text boxes online. many other programs or software evaluated made it hard to identify the problem text, but red underlining is easy to see it’s

clearly marked where the error. when you hover over the errors its shows correct spelling and grammar then selects the correct words in your sentence. which makes a perfect sentence without errors.

Therefore, premium (By purchase) software provide more functionality to improve your English language writing skill which gives inner confidence in writing skill. it’s correct all spelling mistake, grammar, pronunciation, sentences, phrases, suggest words directory,

while it’s nice because of not to miss a comma in an email or while we are doing the post on social media As a professional writer, I liked having another set of eyes on my work, and using the program gave me Extra confidence when before to post my blog on the website or social media.

Grammarly scans your text when you writing a blog, or text such as Missing Articles, Misspelled words Comma Usage, Comma Splice, Weak Adjectives, Repetitive words.means that you can be fixed all error with the help of software

2. Pro Writing Aid

Write Correct English with ProWriting Aid

ProWritingAid Features

  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker (for premium plans)
  • Spelling Checker
  • Time-saving Integrations
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Mac and Windows Support
  • Find Repeated Words
  • In-Depth Reports
  • Context-Sensitive Style Suggestions
  • also, Visualize Sentence Lengths and Variation
  • Word Explorer
  • Contextual Thesaurus Report

ProWriting Aid is also an Online Writing Editor, this editor identifying grammar and spelling mistake, contextual errors.

ProWriting Aid is the editing software that helps to improve your grammar, contextual spelling and punctuation checking
the software also provides explanations of its marked errors and also give us suggested corrections. so that bloggers or writers Improve writing skills, grammar, spelling mistakes, etc. without needing to search online for what they wrote wrong.

therefore, you are want to use ProWritingAid’s premium plan license its support both Windows and Mac Operating System this software allowing more users to utilize its different functionalities.

it helps users find the right words
or sentences to express their message more clearly.

In ProWritingAid’s features contain contextually related words, the reverse dictionary, rhymes collocation dictionary, etc. and these features and functionality can also improve user’s vocabulary by different wording.

its also helps to track users writing common mistake by highlighting repeated and replaced words and suggest also different words for the sentence.


Write Correct English with WhiteSmoke
WhiteSmoke frequently provides wrong and inaccurate suggestions to improve English, while WhiteSmoke has the best clean design compared to other grammar checkers, its scan English and provides are often inaccurate.

I will suggest you if you are an English Language learner, grammar checker software is a great Idea.

finally, once you install grammar checker software you are supposed to be able to hit the error and find out the grammar error’s

when you write a blog or English. WhiteSmoke’s clipboard doesn’t remember that what you copied and pasted on last time.

WhiteSmoke, it uses to detect errors, a more efficient system for checking your blog, English text, you can always learn and grow as a writer.

4. Readable

Write Correct English using readable

Readable Pro Features

  • Cutting edge accuracy
  • URL+Website scoring
  • Readability API
  • Score Anything
  • Readability reports
  • Email Marketing scoring
  • Industry Leading algorithms
  • Content analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Integrations

Readability scores one platform in which you can also analysis or measure whether the written blog or English content information is likely to be understood by the visitor reader.

A readability score calculated which tells you what level of education will need to read text easily.

therefore, readable also scanning your website and find out the problem, its easily audit an entire website for readability, difficult to read the whole post and is not easy to find, when you have many posts or website articles.

so, it’s capable of URL analysis, because if you need to analysis one URL at a single time, you can add URL in a readable URL tool then it will give you a score for readability.

you can analysis your hole site, blog or client sites, maintain the spelling mistake, word meaning, pronunciation.

so if you purchase readable pro gives you more features to analysis your website or blog.

its gives alerts if there are no alerts in given months for URL, Drop a quick message at the end of the months.

5. Duolingo

Write Correct English with duolingo

Duolingo is the most popular way to learn English writing and grammar for your blog and this framework to encourage learning.

suppose that if you are writing a blog for your website you can write a blog confidently with the help of Duolingo. because of Duolingo guides in your spelling mistake, grammar, correct sentences, etc.

The Duolingo software available free of cost in different languages that you need you can install free, the app available in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese to English speakers and English to speakers these languages Dutch, Turkish, Hungarian with more on the way.

Therefore, the major people in word want to learn the English language because it might get them a better job opportunity in Private, Government Sector and learning a language usually requires money.

First of all the first thing is that you need to attend or join a good school that has a foreign language department.

so, when you attend the school you pay the fee for learning the English Language.

Therefore, Duolingo is the best platform to learn English Languages at free of cost, which guides you as a private tutor to learn English.

which guide to your spelling mistake, grammar, sentences, as word directory, etc.

6. Grammar Book

Write Correct English using grammar Book

So, Many visitors who comes on google search engine, searching for software for learning English grammar and write to correct English.

they install software to correct write English, some visitor purchase premium own license for the software. the premium software gives you more features to guide correct English.

GrammarBook provides you free English rule, free online quizzes, Free E-Newsletters to learn correct English grammar and writing skills

so you can improve your English language problem with the help of Grammar Book.

Therefore, its guide you as a professional tutor, which correct all your doing mistake in English.

It tells you about an English rule like spacing with punctuation, commas, periods, semicolons, Hyphens, Dashes, Ellipses, slashes, Quotation marks, etc.

So, Grammar Book gives you free quizzes to check your knowledge of English which you learn and when you attend the free quizzes your confidence level in English will be high.

So, you can learn in grammar Book about Grammar Rules like Subject-verb agreement, finding nouns, verbs, and subject, irregular verbs, clauses and phrases, pronouns, prepositions, affecting writing.



Finally, after Analysis we realize that you want to learn English to buy Grammarly software and if thinking about why I suggest you buy software,

it’s important not that experts evaluate their reviews, also find out an analysis of real people, private, government Sector companies that buy it because they are actually satisfied with the product.

Therefore, Top levels companies purchase the paid premium license key and provide this software for employees to check spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes identify and paid premium license software provide more features.

Therefore, top companies correct English writing Grammarly software is the first choice for writing English confidently.