Top CSS interview Questions and Answers

CSS interview Questions
CSS Interview Questions which are asking in Interview for Designer and Developer, if you want to crack the CSS Interview Questions Learn below all main topics. I am sure you will be cover all CSS interview Questions.

Q #1) What is CSS?

Answer:- The full form of CSS universally knows as Cascading Style Sheets. it is popular in web designing and its application is common in XHTML also and CSS is a styling language that is simple enough for HTML elements.
Therefore, it describes how the HTML content will be shown on the screen, CSS is referred to as the cascading style sheet, its controls the layout of several HTML web pages.

Q #2) Name all the modules which are used in the current version of CSS?

Answer:-In CSS interviews Question this topic put from HR mostly so There are several modules in CSS which name as to below

  • Box Model
  • Selectors
  • Borders and Backgrounds
  • 2D/3D Effects
  • Text Effects
  • Multiple Column layout
  • User Interface
  • Animations

Q #3) What are the different variations of CSS?

Answer:-  Consequently, there are different variations for CSS are

  • First Variation: CSS 1
  • Second Variation: CSS 2
  • Third Variation: CSS 2.1
  • Fourth Variation: CSS 3
  • Fifth Variation: CSS 4

Q #4) What is the origin of CSS?

Answer:- World Wide Consortium introduced CSS, the beginning of style sheets in the 1980s which is marked by Standard Generalized Markup Language.

Q #5) Explain the Distinguish Between CSS2 and CSS3?

Answer:- As a result, there is a difference between CSS2 and CSS3

1. CSS2 everything accedes into a single document with all the information in it. whereas in CSS3 is divided into two various sections which are known as a module.

2. therefore, CSS2 does not support in every browser whereas CSS3 modules are supported almost on every browser and also support the modules of CSS.

3. In CSS3 we will find that more graphics related characteristic have been introduced like box-shadow, border-radius, flexbox.

4.  consequently, In CSS3, users can precise multiple background images on web pages by using properties like background-position, background-images, background-cover, background-repeat styles.

Q #6) Wha are the limitations of CSS?

Answer:- Therefore, there are the limitations of CSS

  • Limitations of vertical control
  • Ascending by selectors is not possible
  • No column declaration
  • No expressions
  • Rules, styles, targeting specific text not possible
  • Pseudo-class not controlled by dynamic behavior

Q #7) How many different types of CSS used?

Answer:- In CSS interviews Question this topic put from HR mostly so There are three types of CSS used as mentioned below.
External CSS – External CSS, are written in separate files.
Internal CSS – Internal CSS, these are cited at the top of the web page code document.
Inline CSS – these are written right next to the text

Q #8) What are the advantages of CSS?

Answer:- There are the advantages of CSS

  • Accessibility
  • Bandwidth
  • Page reformatting
  • Site-wide Consistency
  • Content separated from the presentation

Q #9) What are CSS frameworks?

Answer:- A CSS framework is a software framework or it is a pre-planned library which allows easier more standards-compliant web design using the Cascading style sheets

Q #10) Why is the external style sheet useful?

Answer:- An external style sheet is very useful because we write all the styling codes in a single file and this single file can be used anywhere by just referencing the link of that external style sheet file.

so, if we do any changes in the external style sheet file then the effect of the changes can also be observed on the hole webpage.

Consequently, these are the advantages so we can say that it is a very useful and external style sheet which makes your work easy while working on large files.

Q #11) What are the uses of the Embedded style sheet?

Embedded style sheet main purpose to uses because it gives us the privilege to defined style at the one place in an HTML document.

Therefore, using the embedded style sheet we can generate multiple classes such as multiple tag types of a web page, and also there is no extra downloading required for importing the information.
Example: As a result

CSS interview Questions

Q #12) How to use CSS Selector?

Answer:- By using CSS Selector, we can choose the content which you want to style or decorate so that we can say that it played the most important role between the style sheet and the HTML Files.

Consequently, the syntax for CSS selector is “select” HTML elements crated on their class, id, type, etc.

Q #13) Define CSS image scripts

Answer:- CSS image script defined as it is a group of images that is placed into one image.
so, it reduces the load time and request number to the server while projecting multiple images into a single web page.

Q #14) Explain the concept of Tweening

Answer:- Tweening is the process which is mainly used for creating animation, in this process, we create intermediate frames between two images to get the appearance of the first image which develops into the second image.

Q #15) Who maintains the CSS specifications?

Answer:- CSS specification maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (WWWC)

Q #16) Explain all the ways CSS be integrated as a web page?

Answer:- CSS can be integrated by the three method

Inline – inline CSS (style attributes) can be used to have CSS applied HTML elements.
Embedded – The Head element can have a style element within which the code can be placed for the styling of the elements
Linked/Imported – CSS can be imported via link element means CSS can be placed in an external file

Q #17) What demerits and benefits do External Style Sheets have?


  • To import documents Extra download is needed to have style information.
  • The external style sheet should be loaded to render the documents
  • For small style definitions, there are no practical.


  • one external style sheet file can be used to control multiple documents which having the different styles
  • Multiple HTML elements can have many related documents, which can have classes.
  • The methods as selector and grouping are used to group styles in composite situations.

Q #18) What are you understand the term Responsive web design?

Answer:- In the responsive web design, we design and develop a web page according to the user activities and conditions and these are based on various components like viewport screen of size, portability of the web page on the different devices, etc.
Therefore, Responsive web design pages are done by using different flexible layouts and grids.

Q #19) Explain the CSS counters?

Answer:- Basically, the CSS counters are variables that can be incremented by rules of CSS that inspector track that how many times the variable has been used.

Q #20) Explain the enlists the media types CSS allows?

Answer:- The enlists the media types CSS allows the design and customization of documents are rendered by media. Consequently, this will be happening by applying media control over the external style sheets, which can be retrieved and used by loading it from the network.

Q #21) Differentiate between logical tags and physical tags?

1:- logical tags are old and concentrate on content while Physical tag are newer versions
2:- Therefore, logical tags are useless for appearances While physical tags are also referred to as presentational mark-up.

Q #22) What property will be used to make a rounded corner by using CSS?

Answer:- We can make a rounded corner by using property “border-radius” and the value in px, em, etc. we can apply this property to any element.

Q #23) What property will use to add border images to an HTML element?

Answer:- the property of CSS “border-image” used for the border image alongside an element.

As a result: Example

Q #24) Explain the CSS flexbox?

Answer:- Therefore, CSS allows you to design a flexible responsive layout structure without using any float or positioning property of CSS. when you use flexbox you need to define a flex container initially.

As a result: Example

CSS interview Questions

Q #25) Differentiate the Stylesheet concept from HTML?

Answer:- While HTML provides easy structure method, it unlike stylesheet and lacking styling. moreover, stylesheets have better browser capabilities and formatting options.

Q #26) Write the properties of the flexbox.

Answer:- CSS interview Questions when HR asking about the flexbox.

Consequently, there are properties of flexbox that are used in the HTML webpage for design.

  • flex-wrap
  • flex-direction
  • justify-content
  • flex-wrap
  • align-content

Q #27) Explain the Declaration block?

Answer:-The declaration of the block can be defined as a catalog of direction within braces consisting of property, colon, and value are known as declaration block.
As a result e.g.: [property 1: value 3]

Q #28) Enlist the several font’s attributes?

Answer:- there are some font attributes:-

  • font-weight
  • font-style
  • font-variant
  • font-size
  • line-height
  • font-family
  • caption
  • Icon

Q #29) Explain the difference between margin and padding?

Answer: In CSS interview Questions Most asking questions from HR.

Consequently, the margin is the property of CSS, by which we can create the space around the elements, we can even create space to the exterior defined borders.

Therefore, the margins property as below:-

  • margin-top
  • margin-bottom
  • margin-right
  • margin-left

Margin property has some defined values as given below

Auto – it is used property browser calculates the margin
%(percent) – it sets the width percentage (%) of the elements
Length – set the margin values in pt, px, cm,etc.
Inherit – we can inherit the margin property from the parent element.

therefore, In CSS, padding we can be defined as the property by which we can generate space around an element content as well as inside any known border.

Therefore, Padding properties as below:-

  • Padding-top
  • padding-bottom
  • Padding-right
  • Padding-left

Note: – As a result, Negative values are not allowed in Padding

Q #30) Explain the method how can we add icons to the web page?


Therefore, the method is we can add icons to the web page.

we can add easier icons to the HTML web pages by using the font-awesome icon library. we have the need to add the name of the given icon class to any inline HTML elements. such as ( or )
therefore, the icon libraries are scalable vectors that can be customized with CSS in an easier way for the styling of webpages