how to create Toggle Switch or Toggle Buttons using pure CSS?

Toggle Switch
In this tutorial, we learn, how to create Toggle Buttons using pure CSS?
I hope you will aware of a toggle button, if you don’t know let me explain, a toggle button allows to user to change a setting between two states, toggle buttons are called also switch buttons, you can add in your layout basic toggle button with the ToggleButton object. its provide a slider control, which you can add with a Switch object.

therefore, today I am sharing how to create toggle buttons using pure CSS? learn and create a “toggle switch” (on/off button) with CSS.

this program will be created with custom pure CSS and HTML, toggle switch style inspiration with HTML and CSS code, this program is a simple toggle switch with bounce animation after you switch the toggle on/off.

I have used HTML and CSS to create Switch, I have created a checkbox with the label, so, we will change the label as the switch and turn on, the switch once, when I will checkbox checked, and turn off, when I will checkbox unchecked.

To create this program for styling I have used bootstrap file, CSS and HTML for designing the UI style. I hope you will see toggle switch on multiple websites, but this toggle switch has a stylish and attractive design.

for preview, the live demo clicks on the given below view demo buttons. I hope you will like this program.

Explanation of Source Code For Toggle Buttons or Toggle Switch using HTML and Pure CSS

let’s discuss the source code which I have used to create a toggle buttons program, First I have used Bootstrap file (get) for creating UI design, such as col-md-12, col-md-6, etc. after that, I have used ID "main" for heading styling.

therefore, I have used class .toggle-switch with some CSS properties width: 145px; height: 74px; position: relative; border-radius: 40px; margin: 0 auto;

therefore, I have used class .toggle-switch with some CSS properties width: 145px; height: 74px; position: relative; border-radius: 40px; margin: 0 auto; and also create input checkbox.

In this program, I have used four toggle switch or toggle buttons, which have different UI design, you can see in the preview on the click on view demo button. For creating four toggle buttons taken for different ID such as #toggle-switch-first span, #toggle-switch-second span, #toggle-switch-third span, #toggle-switch-fourth span

therefore, I have used the same color UI design, but if you want on the switch on/off you can change the color as you want, this program created with pure CSS there is no need for Javascript or jQuery.

Furthermore, if you see in the stylesheet I have used CSS properties to create this program such as background, color, transition, transform, border, border-radius, content, box-shadow, etc.

everything here I can’ not explain in writing, I hope you will understand, when you get the source code then you can understand in a better way, you can use this program after few changes in the code, I hope you will enjoy this program and used this program when you need.

therefore, to create this program I have used Two files such as the First file for “HTML” and the Second file for “CSS”. see the given below source code and follow as given, used it after a few changes, enjoy it.

First Step: Create HTML File as name “index.html” | Change filename as you want

Second Step: Create CSS file as name “stylesheet.css” | Change filename as You want

Therefore, see the code segment on how to create Toggle Buttons using pure CSS? you will be created successfully.

you have to face any trouble then comment me down below. I will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. thanks for viewing these posts.