Introduction of CSS Language

In programming languages and web design, CSS is used to control the style of web application and web document it is very easy to use, we can control the web view with the help of CSS.

CSS is Universally known as “Cascading Style Sheet”.

Introduction of CSS, It is the most important part of Web Designing and Web Development, tutorial scan covers all the Topics and gives a complete understanding of CSS Properties, starting from beginners to Advanced concepts.


if you want to make your personal websites, for the purpose of own Business Website, or personal blogs, Introduction of CSS, this CSS tutorial will help you to implement the best User Interface for your website.
this tutorial can learn both students as well as professional who wants to learn.

Introduction of CSS, CSS is easy to learn and understood but you know, CSS provides powerful control over the presentation of an HTML document.

In CSS, the more important thing is that CSS enables you to do this independent of HTML to make web pages

CSS File Extension

When we write code for CSS, then CSS file always will save as .css extension.
for example, if we write CSS code for programming file name suppose new_stylesheet then it will save as new_stylesheet.css

Types of CSS

There are three types of CSS comes which is used to control Web pages:

1) External Cascading Style Sheet (In the separate file)
2) Internal or Embedded Cascading Style Sheet (At the top of a web page document)
3) Inline Cascading Style Sheet (text it decorates)

In CSS, External style sheets are used to write code for web pages without rewriting every page, it’s a separate file full of CSS instructions (with the file extension .css).
When every web page includes an external stylesheet, then its look and feel such as user-interface will be controlled by this CSS file

External style sheet it is the latest fashion to use for web application and web document. the most benefits of using an external style sheet.

if want to change web pages User-interface then you can change from the external style sheet, no need to goes to every web pages.

Example: (External Style)

This file save with .css extension. such as tutorialscan_style_sheet.css

Below part is the HTML file:-

In Internal styles, CSS code, placed at the top of every web page document or file, before any of the content is listed.
This is the next best thing to external, because they are easy to find, yet allow you to ‘override’

Example:(Internal style)

In Inline style, you can insert styles anywhere in each web pages, in the middle of your HTML code, giving you the freedom to specify every web pages.

Example:(Inline Style)


Why CSS is Better?

CSS saves time: You can write CSS once for web pages and call the same sheet in multiple HTML pages.
Superior styles to HTML: when you use CSS code, you can give much better User Interface for web Pages in comparison to HTML attributes.
Easy Maintenance: if you want to make a global change (in all web pages) simply change the style (CSS code in External sheet), and all elements in all the web pages will be changed automatically.
Offline Browsing: CSS code can store web applications locally with the help of offline cache, means that we can view offline websites (all web pages).
Search Engines: search engines won’t have to struggle to “read” its content, because of CSS is considered as clean coding technique.