CSS Border Width

The CSS Border width properties used for setting the width all four sides of an element of div column, you can set the width one side, two side and three sides of an element.

Every sides width sets individually using CSS-

border-right-width,border-left-widthborder-bottom-widthborder-top-widthborder-block-start-widthborder-block-end-widthborder-inline-start-width and.border-inline-end-width


when you use the border-width property its allows you to set the width of element borders.
therefore, when you will take the value of this property could be either a length in cm, px or ct or it should be set the value thick, thin or medium.
let us see the example run the following code to set the border width with CSS:

css border width
Set border to half width

css border width
In web HTML pages when web designer design the pages use the width properties to set the with and also use the CSS border width properties, which set the border all side in div or container and section, according to need you can set the border properties top, bottom, left, right sides and can be use value in px, percentage(%) or em.

border style width set in dotted, dashed, solid, thin, and this value use as border-style-width values to decorate the border.