The background-position Property

The background-position CSS properties are used to set for<position> each background images. and this property is specified as one or more position values separated by commas.

background-position properties play important role in CSS to decorate your web pages design. you can set background images according to your need on your web HTML pages with the help of CSS properties. the background images set in the viewpoint of web pages on which portion you want to show your background images.

background-position properties values:

set background-image to be center

set background-image to be left

set background-image to be top

Value Discription
Center In these background-position value can set the background position as according to your need. default value will be 0% 0% or 0px 0px
Center top
Center center
Center bottom
left top
left center
left bottom
right top
right center
right bottom
initial here, background-position property set to its default value
inherit Inherits this background-position property from its parent element.
x% y% x% indicates that the horizontal position (x-axis) value and the y% indicates the second value is the vertical position (y-axis). An universal value top left corner is 0% 0% means that Default value is: 0% 0% and the right bottom corner is 100% 100%.
x-axis y-axis (in pixels) The first value will be x-axis which is the horizontal position and the second value will be y-axis which is the vertical position. always The top left corner is 0 0. Units can be taken pixels (0px 0px) or percentage or any other CSS units. If you want to only specify one value, the other value will be 50%.