Exploring Mirror Text Techniques and applications

Mirror Text Techniques
Mirror Text Techniques:- What’s mirror text? You could probably be wondering that, looking at the title of this post. Here is what mirrored text looks like: ɘɿɘʜɈ γɘH
You will be able to read the text above if you hold it in front of a mirror. That is what mirrored text means. It is text that is flipped 180° around the x-axis. In some cases, mirror text is also flipped upside down, which means it is rotated 180° both across the y-axis and the x-axis. We’re getting all mathematic, aren’t we? Here is what we mean by the x and y axis, by the way:
x and y axis
We hope that clears it up.
In this post, we’re going to be looking at some methods by which you can create mirrored text for yourself. Then, we will look at some useful ways in which this type of text can be utilized.

Mirror Text Techniques:- How can you make mirrored text?

There are a couple of different ways in which you can mirror some text.

1. Use Microsoft Word

One of the easy ways to do that is to use the options available in MS Word.
A lot of people use MS Word to write their content regularly, which makes this method quick and easy. There is no need to fetch another tool or software this way.

Remember, if you want to flip some text in Word, you can’t use the normal font that you type out by default. Rather, you have to add a text box, add some text to it, and then flip the whole box. You won’t be able to copy the text itself as flipped characters. You will just be able to show it in the document or take a picture of it. (This is why this method has somewhat limited applications.)

All you have to do is follow these steps:

a) Add a text box in your Word document. You can add it using the “Insert” option.
b) Once the text box has been added, put some text inside it.
c) Then, click on the text box and go to the “Format” option under the “Drawing Tools” tab. Here, you can go to the “Text Effects” menu and hover over “3-D Rotation.” At the bottom of the menu will be an option named “3-D Rotation Options.” You have to click on that. We’ve shown all these steps in the screenshot below. The exact placement of these options may differ depending on the version of Word that you’re using.

Mirror Option in MS word

d) The next step is fairly simple. You just have to add “180°” in the “X-rotation” field.

Mirror Text

2. Use an online mirror text generator

While the method mentioned above is great and all, it does have a limited number of applications since it doesn’t change the characters of the text. Rather, it changes the appearance only.

If you want to change the characters of the text and make them complexly mirrored, you can take the help of an online mirror text generator. There are a lot of these that you can find on the Internet nowadays.

Since we want to give you a helpful tutorial on how to use these types of tools, we’ll be talking about a specific one in particular. We recommend this one, considering how easy it is to use and the number of features it provides. It’s the Mirror Text Generator by Textreverse.com.

Mirror Text

In most cases, the working of online text mirroring tools is quite straightforward. The same is the case with the one that we’ve mentioned just now. Here are the steps that you have to follow to use the mirror text generator by Textreverse.com.

You first have to enter your content into the provided text box.
With the tool we’ve chosen, the process happens automatically. As soon as we enter the text, it appears flipped (both upside down and third dimensionally) in the output box.
There are three buttons underneath the input box. You can use those to choose your text is mirrored. “Mirror Wording” only rotates the text in the 3D plane. Therefore, “Mirror Text” does both the 3D and 2D flip. Furthermore, “Mirror Word’s Lettering,” on the other hand, retains the positioning of the words but flips their letters.

Depending on the tool that you’re using, the exact method of use could be a little different. However, as we said, most of them are pretty simple.

Applications of Mirror Text

Now that we’re done looking at how you can make this text for yourself, let’s look at some places and instances where you can use it.

1. Mirror text can be great in usernames

If you are creating a username—for chatting software or for a device, etc.—you can make it look aesthetic and interesting with some mirror text. Everybody uses normal text and there isn’t anything much distinct about it.
But you can make your username stand out by adding some flipped text to it. It can look something like this: Uƨɘɿnɒmɘ
Get it? That’s “Username” in mirror writing.

2. Make your passwords super hard to guess

Flipped and mirrored text is actually made up of special Unicode characters. The character “e” is different from the flipped character “ɘ.”
You can use mirrored text in your passwords and make them super hard to guess. Who’ll be able to guess you’ve put a mirrored “A” or “B” in there somewhere?

3. Have fun when chatting with your friends on WhatsApp or Telegram

Imagine you’re talking to your friend on WhatsApp, and they send you a message like this:
ƨiʜɈ bɒɘɿ Ɉnɒɔ υoγ Ɉɘd I

It would be fun, right? By the way, that says, “I bet you can’t read this,” in mirrored form.
You can send quirky messages like this to your friends on WA, Telegram, or any other app that you’re using.


Mirrored text can be a fun thing to use in messages, usernames, and passwords. In the post above, we’ve given some ideas on how this type of text can be used and how you can easily create it on your phone or PC.
Hope you had fun reading!