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AWeber Pricing Plan
3 Billing Cycle AWeber Pricing Plan for AWeber Email Marketing: Want to grow sales, build a customer relationship with Aweber Email Marketing. Aweber Email Marketing services offer you access to unlimited email templates, pre-stocked pictures, drag, and drop builder, and every tool you require to grow your business. To choose an AWeber pricing plan for Email Marketing Services need to signup. AWeber has over twenty years of established success serving more than one million customers dependably connect with their audiences. Plus, get award-winning 24/7 client support, free migration services, landing page builder, internet push notifications, and more!

AWeber Pricing: How Much Does AWeber Cost?

Affordable Powerfully-Simple Pricing. Get started Email Marketing with Aweber for free and grow as your business grows. AWeber Email Marketing services price starts from $19.99 per month. There’s a free version.
AWeber pricing currently has two accounts choice available, such as a Free account and a Pro account.

AWeber Free Account:

If you want to just get started with email marketing, or only if you want to need basic email marketing features, then AWeber Free plan might be right for you! AWeber Free plan has everything you need to grow your business through email marketing, unlimited email templates, drag, and drop builder features with no time restrictions.

AWeber Pro Account:

If you’re on an existing list of subscribers or you want to access more advanced email marketing features like segmentation, split testing, or advanced analytics, then the AWeber Pro plan may be right for you! The Pro plan includes every advanced feature, such as including all tools and advanced features as well as unlimited sending to your list. The Pro plan Grow your business with email marketing.

For Pro accounts, Aweber offers three base pricing plans for customers with up to 500 subscribers. These pro plans offer the same services but you will receive certain discounts for ordering the service for a longer period of time.
Monthly Billed: $19.99 per month
Quarterly Billed: $49.00 every 3 months
Annually Billed: $193.80 per year
As your list grows, that billing amount will increase. Therefore, click on the below link to see how the size of your list will affect your billing amount, and also the comparison of the features that are available for Free and Pro plans, take a look at our Pricing page below.
Aweber Pro Plans


AWeber Pricing – Choose Free and Pro Plans, But Is It Worth It?

aweber pricing
Therefore, The Aweber plan price changes based on the number of subscribers you have. It makes it easy to choose the right one straight away, without having to check a long table to compare different offers with varying features. They offer a free plan though with a limit of 500 subscribers, you’ll have to be compelled to move onto a paid setup fairly quickly. Unfortunately, Their features underwhelmed us, and the user experience is passable at best. Still, if your mind is ready on this company, here is their offer:

AWeber plan pricing ranges from $19 to $149 per month. this price depending on your number of subscribers. furthermore, AWeber offers a free plan that includes up to 500 subscribers and 3,000 monthly email sends. It also offers a 9% to 10% discount for quarterly and annual contracts that are paid upfront.

Number of Subscribers Monthly Price
0 to 500 subscribers $19.99
501 to 2,500 subscribers $29
2,501 to 5,000 subscribers $49
5,001 to 10,000 subscribers $69
10,001 to 25,000 subscribers $149

Aweber Free and Pro Plan Features:

Users accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Emails sent 3,000/month Unlimited
Automation YES YES
Autoresponders YES YES
Reporting & Segmentation Basic Yes
Templates and smart design editor 700 + 700 +
Stock Photos 6,000 + 6,000 +
Landing pages Unlimited Unlimited
Forms Yes Yes
Spam Testing No No
Custom Domain YES YES
Web Push Notifications No YES
Email, Phone & Live Chat support Yes Yes
AWeber Pricing based on list size (unlimited emails included)
500 users Free $19 a month
2,500 users $29 a month
5,000 users $49 a month
10,000 users $69 a month
25,000 users $149 a month
50,000 users $239 a month
100,000 users $369 a month
250,000 users Request a quote

Additional AWeber Pricing Remarks

Like with other email marketing platforms, to grows the business, you are automatically bumped to the next tier if your subscribers go over the limit.
Therefore, if users are hard-bounced and undeliverable, they’re automatically removed from your lists.
However, unsubscribed users still count towards your billing! you can check regularly & remove unsubscribed users manually. If once you delete unsubscribed contacts from your list then the report data regarding their unsubscription rates will disappear.
You have the power to cancel your subscription at any time.
Suppose that if you have a larger list (above 25K), then you will get assigned a dedicated agent who will assist/help you get set up.
If have any problem, you need help with the design, they can also help with that.

AWeber Price Comparison:

AWeber has two(2) options, the Free and the Pro plan their Free plan setup contains has a lot of premium-like features and you will check the similarities in the All Features section.

The Free plan limits you up to three hundred (300) subscribers and permit or allows 3000 emails per month. You can only create 1 email list profile enough for the beginning of your business. However, the Pro plan enables you to add unlimited contacts, send unlimited emails, & create or build unlimited contact lists.

Some other tools that you can find in the Pro plan include email split testing, cart abandonment, behavioral automation, branded click-tracking links, and more facilities. Having the Pro plan, then you can also remove the AWeber branding from your emails. let us see some features which aren’t available in the AWeber Free plan.


Pro Plan Features
In the Aweber Free and Pro plan, you will get unlimited landing pages, landing page templates, Drag and drop email builder, email automation stock photos, video landing pages, and more. but the main difference between the free and pro plan, the Aweber Free plan comes with AWeber branding on every page, when in the free plan you will not get email split testing, behavioral automation, purchase tagging, branded click-tracking links, remove Aweber branding. while the Pro plan, you can customize or modify according to your business name to the pages.

the Pro plan has a split testing feature to find out the best signup form for your guests or customers. You will be able to send emails to a custom contact list by using the Aweber premium plan. For the segmentation and list building, you get signup forms, tagging subscribers, and basic segmentation in both plans.

Free and Pro Plan Features
Therefore, when you want to purchase an email marketing service, then reports and analytics play a very important role to keep your campaigns result-oriented. The Free plan includes message analytics, email templates which aren’t enough.

In the Pro plan, you get advanced analytics, webpage tracking, email sales tracking reports, advanced message analytics, and simple subscriber and message analytics. Thus, this makes a difference in your email marketing services campaigns.

Student’s Discount Offers

Excluding nonprofit or noncommercial organizations, AWeber email marketing services offer a 20% discount to students which enrolled in an educational or academic program. You need to have a valid .ac or .edu email address to receive the discount offers on your email marketing account.

This is a good chance for all tech-savvy students to begin their business at an early age. begin by filling out the AWeber’s form and mail or fax it to them. Once they process your order, you’ll get the login information on your valid .ac or .edu email address.

AWeber Pricing for Nonprofit or Charitable Organizations

If you’re a nonprofit organization and wish to send emails to your users, then AWeber provides you a great beginning with three(3) months of free service. With a free account, you’ll be able to send thousands of emails to your subscribers and build email lists.

AWeber also offers a twenty-fifth (25%) OFF on your invoices when the free time period ends. To begin with, for the free or trial account, suppose that you need to print their order form, then fill in your details, and also mail or fax it to AWeber. you furthermore may get to attach a valid 501(c)(3) document as proof of your nonprofit or charitable business.

AWeber Alternatives, Which You can Prefer?

AWeber offers a forever-free plan for business grows with email marketing with no debit or credit card requirement, and it comes with many useful features. However, the free plan has limits on eCommerce promoting or marketing campaigns. On the other hand, AWeber’s Pro plan is expensive when you add a lot of subscribers to your email list.

Therefore, if you compare these plans with other email marketing services for medium and small businesses, there are several AWeber alternatives on the market. This includes Constant Contact and Sendinblue.

Constant Contact may not offer email marketing services free plan. But, it comes with a 60-day free trial and also gives a 30-days money-back guarantee on top of it. this implies you will get 90 days to test the service for free. Constant Contact premium plans are cheaper and include more powerful email marketing or promoting features like custom templates, webpage tracking, reporting, A/B testing, advanced analytics, email sales tracking reports, e-Commerce promoting, automated emails, customer support, and more. so, we can say that With these features, Constant Contact services are also a perfect AWeber alternative.

Sendinblue also provides Free plan offers for email marketing with a limit of 300 emails per day, as you can imagine that you will be able to send 9,000 emails per month. Thus we can say that this is 3x(three-times) to what AWeber’s offers in the Free plan. Moreover, Sendinblue permits you to add unlimited contacts to your email lists, whereas AWeber only allows 500 subscribers. This makes Sendinblue a direct AWeber alternative.


AWeber is the most popular email solution for startups and small & medium businesses. It also supports nonprofit, Charitable organizations, and also for students to set up email marketing campaigns at the lowest price possible.

When it comes to AWeber features, then AWeber’s Free plan has many premium options that you simply will use to grow your business. However, the AWeber Pro plan is expensive because when you want to add more subscribers to your email list then prices will increase as per subscribers. When your business grows, as per the need you can switch to AWeber alternatives.

Aweber offers an affiliate program for customers to promote their services. Thus, if you are want to join a Aweber affiliate program then Every Affiliate Blogger Needs to Know about the FTC Disclosure Guidelines

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